Welcome to Lynnville, TN

Beautiful Lynnville, Tn. A small town to most, however it is a special place to all that live here. Our beautiful town is surrounded by farm land and held together by the farmers who have helped build not only this town but many others in our country. We currently have under 500 people who live in our town and many are working hard to make it a special place to live. A large draw for our town is the local train museum. It was once a connecting track to all over the United States and helped establish Lynnville, and make it what it is today. Our children enjoy a large park that we are working hard with a local group to expand on for them. We have several events and happenings going on in town monthly so check back often to see what we are hosting this week it is most likely something that will give you a reason to take a step back in time with us and enjoy a slower way of life!